The EUGENDERING Jean Monnet Chair aims to create a pluridisciplinary platform allowing researchers, students, policymakers, civil society, and the larger public to better understand the challenges linked to the establishment of a Union of gender equality, non-discrimination and diversity. 

It focuses on how the EU tackles these challenges, and how it could better tackle them. 

The objectives of the Chair are: 

  • to build on the flourishing, dynamic and innovative scholarship which is currently developing in the field of gender and the EU and to close the gap between the analytical dynamism of this field and its under-representation in students’ training and curricula;
  • to address the democratic challenge of rising gender+ inequalities in a context where the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased these inequalities; 
  • to raise the political question of the polarisation of gender+ equality issues and the impact of illiberal attacks on gender+ equality policies at the EU level.

The EUGENDERING project wishes to act as an instrument to build bridges between gender and the EU scholarship and mainstream EU studies teaching, as well as between gender and the EU academic world and society. It aims at strengthening the links between EU and gender studies thanks to, on the one hand, the integration of gender in EU studies teaching and research and, on the other hand, to the integration of an EU dimension in gender studies.

The Chair delivers three types of activities: 

  • teaching activities to mainstream gender and the EU scholarship in teaching;
  • research activities to support collective research and foster a scholarship community in gender and the EU studies; 
  • outreach activities to develop a forum for dialogue on gender and the EU issues and to spread knowledge on EU actions and initiatives on these questions.

Two partners from the civil society participe to the activities of the Chair: the feminist think tank Gender5+ and the podcast series Euroïnes.

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